All About Me – an Introduction to Poetry

We are very excited to be starting a new unit on poetry! Today we began by trying to decide what the word “poetry” means. This is a hard thing to determine. Some poems rhyme, some don’t. Some poems have rules to follow, some don’t. In the end, we decided that poetry can be all sorts of things. It is a way for writers (poets) to paint a picture in our minds using words.

Next we enjoyed some funny poetry that was written by Bruce Lansky. For a taste of more funny poems check out this site.

Giggle Poetry

Finally, students got the chance to have some serious fun with words! Their task was to use words that they found in old newspapers to describe themselves.

Check out their work below. 

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Spring, is that you???


Wow, what a beautiful day! Finally!

Today, our class took advantage of the warm temperatures by competing in a Biggest Snowball Challenge during Phys. Ed class.

I was amazed at the size of the snowballs that students made in about 30 minutes, with all of the snowballs far surpassing my expectations.

I loved how as the challenge continued, all of the students decided on their own to team up with another group and combine their efforts. You showed great synergy Grade 3’s!  


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Social Skills – Playing a Game!

Playing a game can be a lot of fun! Sometimes we might have a chance to play with our friends during an indoor recess, sometimes we might play with our family at home. At other times, our teachers ask us to play a game at school so that we have a fun way to practice the things we are learning.

Unfortunately, games don’t always go the way we want them to. Playing should be fun, but instead it can turn into frustration and hurt feelings if the game players don’t all follow the simple steps that our class came up with.

1. Be sure you know the rules.

2. Decide who starts the game. (rock, paper, scissors or largest role, etc.)

3. Remember to wait your turn.

4. When the game is over, say something nice to the other person. (Remember to help clean up.)

Our class has spent some time practicing this important social skill, and we have developed some video role plays showing these steps in action.   Here is a sampling of our work. 

Great job Grade 3’s! Role playing and videoing can be challenging. One thing is for sure – you certainly have some great game playing skills!

Please feel free to comment and let us know how your “Game Playing” homework goes this weekend. I can’t wait to read about the games you choose to play!

Measurement – Appropriate Units, and Exploring Perimeter

In Math we are learning about centimetres and metres. We know that there are times when centimetres are a great unit to use, and other times when metres are more appropriate.

What unit would you use to measure…


Purple Hyacinth




Football teams on pitch

Here are some measurement games to boost your measurement skills.

Fun Brain Measurement

HB School

We have also been learning about perimeter. We know that perimeter is the distance around a 2-D shape. Here is an online geoboard that you can also use to explore different rectangles with the same perimeter. How many different rectangles can you make with a perimeter of 24cm?

Math Playground Geoboard

A Little Namaste on a Chilly Day

The cold winter temperatures we usually see in January returned this morning, but somehow our class didn’t seem to mind at all!  We were too busy getting active while on a virtual field trip to Costa Rica, with the help of a Cosmic Kids yoga video. It’s amazing how a little imagination, and a whole lot of movement can warm us up in a hurry!

Here are a few pictures of our stretches, poses and dance moves.

Grade 3’s, the forecast for the rest of the week is for temperatures below freezing. If you could take a REAL field trip anywhere, where would you go? Why?