Twin Day!

How confusing! Our class seems to have been taken over by twins, triplets, quadruplets and even some septuplets today.

Here are a few pictures of the fun! 

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A Visit from the Medicine River Wildlife Centre

We had some extra special guests to our classroom today! Erin Young, and Otis the Great Horned Owl visited us from the Medicine River Wildlife Centre.

During their visit, we learned all about the Centre, and the work it does for wildlife rehabilitation.  We saw photos of a variety of animals who have been helped by their organization. We also learned about what to do, and what NOT to do if we encounter an injured or orphaned wild animal. 

Perhaps the most important thing for students to take away from Erin and Otis’ visit, is their powerful message about respecting our environment and the animals in it.

Thank you so much to all the families who sent in a donation for the Wildlife Centre. We were able to present Erin with $207.00 today!

Grade 3’s, Otis was definitely a big hit! What did you LEARN today  from Erin and Otis?

If you are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE for more information about the Centre.


All About Me – an Introduction to Poetry

We are very excited to be starting a new unit on poetry! Today we began by trying to decide what the word “poetry” means. This is a hard thing to determine. Some poems rhyme, some don’t. Some poems have rules to follow, some don’t. In the end, we decided that poetry can be all sorts of things. It is a way for writers (poets) to paint a picture in our minds using words.

Next we enjoyed some funny poetry that was written by Bruce Lansky. For a taste of more funny poems check out this site.

Giggle Poetry

Finally, students got the chance to have some serious fun with words! Their task was to use words that they found in old newspapers to describe themselves.

Check out their work below. 

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Music Monday


Today we celebrated “Music Monday” at our school. We were treated to performances by the IREC choir, the IRJC choir and the IRJC band. Thank you to Mrs. Holoboff for organizing and leading this special afternoon! 

Grade 3’s, what are some of your favorite types of music? Do you have a favorite singer, band or song? Please leave a comment and remember proper commenting guidelines. (Capital letters, complete sentences and punctuation)


Together is Better

One of our favorite things to do with our Chromebooks is to collaborate. “Collaborating”  means working together to help each other learn and create.


These students are working together to research the environment of India. They are creating a table together to record their information.

Grade 3’s, why do you like to collaborate with your classmates? What are some of the other ways  that you like to use your Chromebook to work together?

Happy Easter!

We all know that Ukraine is having some difficult times. This week, with Easter on it’s way, our class focused on the positive and spent some time learning about traditional Ukrainian pysanky. Next, we decorated some eggs with a mixture of traditional Ukrainian symbols, and our own creative designs. Here are a few of our creations!


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Happy Easter!

C.A.R.E. Presentation


Today our class was fortunate to have a visit from Jan Underwood from C.A.R.E. (Central Alberta Refugee Effort). Jan talked to us about life in India. During her presentation, Jan showed us a PowerPoint, then she had some artifacts for us to see. She even brought some clothes for a few lucky volunteers to try on. We really enjoyed her presentation!

Grade 3’s, what did you learn from Jan? What was your favorite part of the presentation?

Spring, is that you???


Wow, what a beautiful day! Finally!

Today, our class took advantage of the warm temperatures by competing in a Biggest Snowball Challenge during Phys. Ed class.

I was amazed at the size of the snowballs that students made in about 30 minutes, with all of the snowballs far surpassing my expectations.

I loved how as the challenge continued, all of the students decided on their own to team up with another group and combine their efforts. You showed great synergy Grade 3’s!  


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Rocks and Minerals

This week we started a new Science unit called Rocks and Minerals. During this unit we will be learning about;

– the rock cycle

– how to classify and identify rocks (color, lustre, texture, hardness, presence of carbonates)

– how rocks break down to become soil

– ways we use rocks and minerals

We would like to thank Mr. Nicholson for coming in to talk to us about diamond mining! His presentation was a fantastic introduction for our unit. We really enjoyed seeing the pictures that he showed us, and we are excited to learn more about how coal becomes a diamond.

On Wednesday our class also had a Rock Show to show off our rock collections. 

As you can see, we had some very interesting and unique samples to show!

Grade 3′s, do you have a favorite rock of your own?

Where do you like to hunt for rocks? Who do you go rock hunting with?

Can you describe the most unusual rock that you saw during our rock show?