Grade 3 Classroom Links

Useful Links

Infuse Learning

Kids Love 2Learn

7 Habits Games


NetSmartz Games


PBS Kids


Whomp Word Game

Word Scramble

Fun Brain Word Games

Pumpkin Webquest

Story Starter Machine

Storyline Online

Andrew Clements (Frindle)

Meteor Typing Blast

Dance Mat Typing

Beverly Cleary

What Good Are Bats?

Bats 4 Kids

Grade 3 Language Skills


Grammar Gorilla!

Maggie’s Earth Adventure!

Verb, noun our both????

Slam Dunk

Rats: Nouns and Verbs

Master Grammar

Mr. Nussbaum’s


IXL Math


Numbers to 1000

Fun With Base 10

Kids Numbers

Matching Fractions

Melvin’s Make a Match Fraction Game

More Fraction Games

Multiplication Games

Math 3 – Under the Sea

Speed Addition and Subtraction

Basket Math (Rounding Practice)

Place Value Practice

Number Lines

Math e Book

Class Brain

Number Cruncher

Math Magician

Space Arrays

CyberChase Games



Sense of Hearing Webquest

Changing Sounds

Dangerous Decibels

Magic School Bus Gets an Earful

Study Jams Sound Video and Quiz

Super Bridge

Building Big

The Learning Zone

Explore the Exploratorium

Social Studies

Travel to Ukraine

Incredible India

Travel to Tunisia

Peru Tourism


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