Have a great summer!

Wow, Grade 3’s, what an amazing year we have had! I will always remember this class as one that was full of fun, laughter and learning.  Thank you for being such a GREAT group!  

Please enjoy your slideshow below!

I hope you have a great summer and I wish you all the best in Grade 4! 


Social Skills – Playing a Game!

Playing a game can be a lot of fun! Sometimes we might have a chance to play with our friends during an indoor recess, sometimes we might play with our family at home. At other times, our teachers ask us to play a game at school so that we have a fun way to practice the things we are learning.

Unfortunately, games don’t always go the way we want them to. Playing should be fun, but instead it can turn into frustration and hurt feelings if the game players don’t all follow the simple steps that our class came up with.

1. Be sure you know the rules.

2. Decide who starts the game. (rock, paper, scissors or largest role, etc.)

3. Remember to wait your turn.

4. When the game is over, say something nice to the other person. (Remember to help clean up.)

Our class has spent some time practicing this important social skill, and we have developed some video role plays showing these steps in action.   Here is a sampling of our work. 

Great job Grade 3’s! Role playing and videoing can be challenging. One thing is for sure – you certainly have some great game playing skills!

Please feel free to comment and let us know how your “Game Playing” homework goes this weekend. I can’t wait to read about the games you choose to play!

Our Chromebooks Have Arrived!

Today was the day we have all been waiting for. Our new Chromebooks are up and running!



Our class is fortunate to be part of a 1-1 Chromebook pilot project in Wolfcreek this year. As you can tell, we could not wait to put this new technology to work! Today we learned how to log on, open Google Chrome, and how to begin a Google document.

Check back often to see where this new adventure in 21st century learning takes us!

Congratulations Jamie and Owen!

Yesterday  we celebrated Jamie and Owen as both were both chosen as IREC leaders of the day!

Jamie was chosen as one of our leaders because she is a proactive student who always uses her class time wisely.  Jamie sets a great example for her classmates by being prepared, and on task.  She is a very responsible student, who takes pride in her work. Thank you for always putting in your best effort Jamie!


Owen has also shown that he is a great leader. During our class discussions Owen “seeks first to understand” when he listens carefully to others. He has a great deal of schema about the world around us, and he can always be counted on to share his unique perspective. Thanks for your great participation Owen!


Terry’s Legacy Continues…

Today was a day fit for a hero! We had a great morning of sunshine, smiles, and exercise as we participated in our school’s annual Terry Fox Run. Grade 3’s, your effort and attitude were amazing. Be proud!

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In connection with this important day, our school has set a fundraising goal of $5000. All money raised will go to cancer research. If we meet this goal, our staff will participate in a CRAZY event called Bubble Ball Bonanza. Please keep in mind that our deadline for Terry Fox donations is October 8. Thank you so much for your support, and keep those donations coming in!

Congratulations Jayden and Damian!

Today we celebrated two members of our class who were chosen as IREC leaders of the day!

Damian was chosen for “sharpening the saw” and for understanding that balance is best.  He has been showing a great effort in the classroom, and in gym class. Damian gives 100% everyday during our runs and activities!  Fantastic!


 Jayden  was chosen because he has started Grade 3 off with a fantastic attitude! He has been “seeking first to understand” by using great listening skills in class. Jayden also “begins with the end in mind” by completing his work with care.


Way to go boys! Thank you for making our classroom a great place to be!

A Great First Week!

Grade 3 Rocks!

Our first week in grade 3 has flown by! We have been very busy learning new routines, making new friends, and doing a lot of different activities. I have been thrilled with the energy and enthusiasm our class has returned to school with.

This morning we spent some time reflecting on our week.

Makenna would you like you know that we have had some, “sparkly, shiny, fun, first days of Read to Self.”

“We learned how to handwrite the letters a and c.” added Leah.

Sloane says she really enjoyed making her Cool Cat.

Hayden learned, “how to do some patterns and remembered how to add!”

Quinn says that, “In Science, Mrs. Wirtanen tricked us and it wasn’t really that hilarious.” Jayden explained that the trick was “part of an experiment to show how to make a fair test in Science.”

Dylan reminded us that we spent some time “brainstorming different types of maps in Social Studies.”

We all agreed that it certainly HAS been a full week! Grade 3’s what was the best thing that happened FOR YOU this week? What are you looking forward to this year?

Sports Day

Despite the rain, our Sports Day was awesome! We all participated with great enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Fortunately we were able to make it to four stations before the storm hit.

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The stations we made it to were’

Yertle the Turtle Hurdles
1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Relay
GO Dog GO Sprinting
Oh, The Places You’ll Go Long Jump

Grade 3’s, what was your favorite station?

Important Dates in March and April

March 1 – Ski forms and money due

March 6 – After the Grind Hot Lunch

March 7 – X-treme Assembly (1:50 pm)

March 7 – Family Ski Night

March 8 – No school – PD day

March 11 – Grade 3/4 Choir – Lacombe Music Festival

March 15 – Wear Something Green Day

March 20 – Mia’s Hot Lunch

March 21 – Spring Fling – schoolwide PE activity 1:00 pm

Mar. 22 – Apr. 1- Spring Break!

April 2 – First day of school following Spring Break

April 5 – Extreme Assembly (1:50 pm)

April 12- No School – PD Day

April 19 – Bling Bling Day

April 23 – Celebration of Learning (Student-led Conferences)

April 25 – Celebration of Learning (Student-led Conferences)

April 26 – No School – PD Day