Make Them Even!



This morning we played a game called “Make Them Even” as an introduction to our unit on division.

Grade 3′ s, what was the highest score you earned in one round? What did you roll to get that score?

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Introducing Arrays

This morning we are exploring arrays in multiplication. We know that ALL multiplication facts can be shown as a rectangle with rows and columns. We also know that arrays represent two multiplication facts at once.


What facts are represented by the array in this picture? Grade 3’s where have you seen arrays in your daily life?

Measurement – Appropriate Units, and Exploring Perimeter

In Math we are learning about centimetres and metres. We know that there are times when centimetres are a great unit to use, and other times when metres are more appropriate.

What unit would you use to measure…


Purple Hyacinth




Football teams on pitch

Here are some measurement games to boost your measurement skills.

Fun Brain Measurement

HB School

We have also been learning about perimeter. We know that perimeter is the distance around a 2-D shape. Here is an online geoboard that you can also use to explore different rectangles with the same perimeter. How many different rectangles can you make with a perimeter of 24cm?

Math Playground Geoboard

Bar Graphs on Our Chromebooks

Over the past couple of days we have been creating our own bar graphs using a google spreadsheet. Today our class interpreted the data they had gathered with at least 4 sentences to describe their graph.

Grade 3s, do you prefer using your pencil or your chromebook to create your graph?  Why?

First to Five

We are currently learning about ways to organize data in Math. This morning we played a game called “First to Five” to practice our line plot skills.

We know that a survey is a set of questions you ask people to find things out. We know that data is information that is gathered with a survey, during an experiment, or by observing.



Grade 3’s, did you have a lucky number this morning? How does creating a line plot help you keep track of your rolls? Why is this a good way to compare number  data?

All Aboard!!! It’s Polar Express Day!


This morning we all awoke to polar-like temperatures here in Central Alberta! Thankfully, the windchill was “only -38C.” so we could all make it to school. Once here, we climbed aboard the Polar Express for a fun-filled day of learning!

Many students chose to wear their jammies for the celebration. They looked great!


We started our morning off by reading this classic story by Chris Van Allsburg. We all agreed that it is a wonderful story, with amazing word choice and incredible illustrations.

Next, we continued with a math challenge based on the Polar Express. Students worked in teams to solve a variety of problems. Great problem solving strategies, and excellent group work skills were displayed. Well done 3W!

P1010061 P1010060

In Gym, we  played a couple of wild games called “Train Tag” and “Capture the Presents”.

This afternoon we sat down to watch the DVD. Students were  asked to look for similarities and differences between the book and the movie. I was very impressed by all the ideas they came up with!


Grade 3’s, I am definitely in the Christmas spirit now! I would like to know a couple of things. First, what was your favorite part of Polar Express Day? Second, what was your favorite part of the Polar Express movie?

To Regroup…or not to Regroup. THAT is the Question!

This morning we spent some time working on our mental math skills as we played “Spot a Spider” and “Lots of Spots”. We know that mental math is a very important life skill! We also know that this can be a really tricky thing to do when addition and subtraction questions involve regrouping.


Questions like “44+77” are becoming things that we can do in our head! Grade 3’s, what does 44+77 equal? How could you do it mentally? If you answer this question, feel free to add a new regrouping question for our next blog reader!

Counting On

This morning we explored the idea that we can use a number line to determine the difference between two numbers. We called this strategy Counting On!

Grade 3’s, check out the pictures above!  Each of these pictures is representing the question 61-27=. What do you notice???

Happy Halloween from 3W!

We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!


We are off to a great start on this Spooktacular school day! This morning we began with some “Rocket Math.” It was a lot of fun (and a little bit of torture) to examine the cylinder shapes, and then estimate, count and graph our rockets. We were amazed at the different number of each color in our packages.  The most challenging activity we tried, was a when we examined the concept of “60 seconds = 1 minute” during a special Rocket-style “Minute to WIn It” challenge. Of course, we FINALLY finished with devouring these tasty treats!

How Fast Does it Grow?


     This morning we started off Friday the 13th, by playing a game in Math to practice our increasing patterns. In order to play, we rolled two dice, then decided which of the dice we should to start our pattern with. Our other dice determined how much our pattern would increase by. After five increases, the partner with the largest number earned a point.

 It didn’t take us long to discover that it is better to save our higher number for the increase rather than use it for our starting point!


Grade 3’s, imagine you just rolled a 1 and a 5. Which number would you use to start your pattern, and which would you use to increase your pattern? Why?
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