A Trip to the Ellis Bird Farm

Today we enjoyed a fantastic field trip to the Ellis Bird Farm! While we were there we learned about beavers, owls, butterflies, goats, bats, pond life, and of course…birds!  We also played some games and even built our own nestboxes to take home.

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To learn more about the Ellis Bird Farm, CLICK HERE.

Grade 3’s, what was your favorite part of the day?  What interesting things did you learn?  Did you touch or see anything cool?  Did you enjoy making your nestbox? Where do you plan to hang it?


8 comments on “A Trip to the Ellis Bird Farm

  1. I really liked making the bird house and I plan on putting it near mide nights home she really like’s it when we make her thing’s

  2. My favorite part of the day was the baby goat, I learned that a lot of animals they teach them selves to walk like a goat. I got to pet the goats, when I made my nest box I hammered my thumb five times. On my new fence! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!
    Love Jamie

  3. I liked building the bird house.I am going to hang my bird house outside of my window.I learned a bird kind will pick up feathers when it fly’s in.I also like going through the owls poop to find the rodents bones

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