A Visit from the Medicine River Wildlife Centre

We had some extra special guests to our classroom today! Erin Young, and Otis the Great Horned Owl visited us from the Medicine River Wildlife Centre.

During their visit, we learned all about the Centre, and the work it does for wildlife rehabilitation.  We saw photos of a variety of animals who have been helped by their organization. We also learned about what to do, and what NOT to do if we encounter an injured or orphaned wild animal. 

Perhaps the most important thing for students to take away from Erin and Otis’ visit, is their powerful message about respecting our environment and the animals in it.

Thank you so much to all the families who sent in a donation for the Wildlife Centre. We were able to present Erin with $207.00 today!

Grade 3’s, Otis was definitely a big hit! What did you LEARN today  from Erin and Otis?

If you are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE for more information about the Centre.



19 comments on “A Visit from the Medicine River Wildlife Centre

  1. I learned that Otis thinks he is a person and he is a boy i learned that to and i learned that med river was built in 1984 do not feed animals.

    • And also the animals they get most there are hares, but you should just leave it were it is because its mother will come back at night. And the smallest owl is as big as a can of coke!

  2. I learned they have 1600 animals a year. I learned the cages are small / bigger. I learned don’t feed the animals

    • Cages /habitat-1600 a year. Don’t feed animals. learned they have 1600 animals a year. I learned the cages are small / bigger. I learned don’t feed the animals.

  3. That if a human raises a animal it will think it is a human, its called human imprint. That as the animal gets better it gets moved into a bigger cage. That the cage is like there habitat. Otis looks like a chicken when he hoots. Plus the out door owl cage has a ladder they hop up to get to a place off the ground. They get 16000 animals a year!

  4. I learned that eagles need a big cage.Otis is a talented owl.The Medicine River Center was built in 1984.Most animals are getting extinct.The Snowy Owl is 5 pounds the heaviest owl.

  5. I learned that if you raise a owl he will think he is a person.I learned that the Medicine river wildlife building was built 1984.The heaviest owl is about 5 pounds.

  6. The presentation was great! My favorite part was meeting Otis, the great horned owl. I also learned that at the Medicine River Wildlife Centre the owls have a small cage, then when they get a little better they get a bigger cage, and when they all complete healed they get the biggest cage of all

  7. I learn about human imprinting that is were an animal gets used to what humans do then after a while they think that they are a human.

  8. I learned that if you find a animal that is in danger do not gust pick it up find a blanked ore a towel rap it up put it in a box and call the wild life setter and bring it there .And if you keep it as a pet it will think it is a human like us .

  9. i learned that you cant just take a hurt animal to your house. You should sometimes
    leave it or bring it to the medicine river wildlife centre and if you find a baby bird put it back in the nest.

  10. Today I learned that the Medicine River Wildlife Center gets 1600 animals a year. If a person raises a wild animal that it will no longer think it’s an animal that is called human imprinting. If a animal has a broken bone they wrap it up a certain way, but if a bandage can’t fix it they have to have surgery to try and fix it.

  11. Went a animals gets rescued it get it’s on cage and as it get better it movies into a Bigger cage. And if they find a baby and the mother is dead they take it to a foster Morther. And they taught to not try to rase and animals bring it to the midnice river Wildlife sentre and afterit is all better they let it go

  12. I learned that the heaviest owl can only get up to five pounds in Alberta. Also that Otis likes to interupt. Last they get about one thousand six hundred animals per year!

  13. I learned that the raptors start in a small space while they are starting to feel better.
    Then they get into a little bit bigger cage to get some exercise.Finally they get to a huge one that makes it look like there habitats.Also if there is a an animal such as a deer you don’t bring it home because you don’t know if it is just there waiting for its mom.At the hospital they get over 1600 species a year.The bald eagle has one of the biggest cages in the hospital.The presentation was great!

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