Hooking Your Reader

Writing a story can be a lot like fishing. You want to make sure you “hook” your reader right away by quickly getting them involved in the story. We will be learning about many ways to do this during our writing classes over the next couple of weeks.

To get us started, read the following paragraph from Owen’s latest story. He does a great job of adding details that quickly interest the reader and draw us in. I know that I could not wait to find out what happened next!

The Wildfire

by Owen

     It was a really hot summer in Australia. The eucalyptus trees were dry which was a bad sign, because wildfires were common. My dad and I and my 2 brothers had just got out of the business rush in Sidney. A few hours later my brother said, “We’re here!” and we jumped out of our pickup and helped my dad unload the tent, rations and sleeping bags. “Boy that ride was boring!” one of my brothers said. I looked around and caught glimpse of a warning sign with my binoculars.”Uh guys there’s a forest fire sign up there.” I said. “Whatever” my dad said.

Grade 3’s, what do you think might happen next? Do you already know who the characters are? What details do we already know that help us visualize the setting?

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