All Aboard!!! It’s Polar Express Day!


This morning we all awoke to polar-like temperatures here in Central Alberta! Thankfully, the windchill was “only -38C.” so we could all make it to school. Once here, we climbed aboard the Polar Express for a fun-filled day of learning!

Many students chose to wear their jammies for the celebration. They looked great!


We started our morning off by reading this classic story by Chris Van Allsburg. We all agreed that it is a wonderful story, with amazing word choice and incredible illustrations.

Next, we continued with a math challenge based on the Polar Express. Students worked in teams to solve a variety of problems. Great problem solving strategies, and excellent group work skills were displayed. Well done 3W!

P1010061 P1010060

In Gym, we  played a couple of wild games called “Train Tag” and “Capture the Presents”.

This afternoon we sat down to watch the DVD. Students were  asked to look for similarities and differences between the book and the movie. I was very impressed by all the ideas they came up with!


Grade 3’s, I am definitely in the Christmas spirit now! I would like to know a couple of things. First, what was your favorite part of Polar Express Day? Second, what was your favorite part of the Polar Express movie?


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