When Santa Fell to Earth by Cornelia Funke

When Santa Fell to Earth

Our class started the novel When Santa Fell to Earth by Cornelia Funke this week. While we may only be a few chapters in,  I can already tell this book is going to be a huge hit with our class! Thank you to Sloane and Mya for writing excellent “Reader’s Response” paragraphs after listening yesterday. Here is a little sampling of what they each had to say…

When Santa Fell to Earth

We are reading When Santa Fell To Earth it is a great book so far. We are using a strategy called visualize it is an awesome strategy. The characters in this story are Nicholas Goodfellow, Ben, Will, Dean the two angels and the elfs. This story takes place when Nicholas Goodfellow was pretty young. I would recommend this to lots of other grade threes and fours.

by Sloane

We have been reading  When Santa Fell to Earth.

This book is about when Santa fell to earth. He lives in a caravan with the elves and the angels. The elves are being bad, they are swearing and sleeping and one swears in his sleep and just not doing their work. And there is a mystery that Nicolas Goodfellow is santa?

by Mya

Grade 3’s, without giving too many “spoilers”, what is YOUR favorite part of the book so far?


10 comments on “When Santa Fell to Earth by Cornelia Funke

  1. Dear 3Ws,
    I’d never even heard of this book before this post but it sounds so good! Your Reader’s Responses makes me want to read it too!
    Thanks for sharing!
    P.S.: I would love it if someone could describe the elves some more so that I could visualize them and how bad they are!

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