Building – Flower Vases


As we continue with our Testing Materials and Building Design Science Unit, our class has moved from understanding structure and design, to putting this knowledge into independent practice! 

Last week our building challenge was to make a paper vase, using only 4 pieces of paper and some tape. Our vases needed to be between 25-30 cm tall, and be able to hold up 4 top-heavy silk flowers.

After the vases were complete, most agreed that they might do some things differently if they were given the chance to build their vase again. What had started out as an “easy” task had turned out to be much more challenging than many of us expected.  Still, in the end, everyone managed to be successful with their creation!

Grade 3’s you handled this task very well! what was the most challenging part of building your vase? What did you learn about bases and stability?


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