Testing, testing, and more testing!

We have started the year off with a whole lot of testing in our classroom! Fortunately, the bulk of our testing has not been on the students, but rather on a variety of building materials and designs as a part of our first Science unit.

Last week we tested a variety of papers for strength in an effort to determine the strongest one. We were honestly shocked at our results. While most of us hypothesized that cardstock would be our strongest paper, none of us were prepared for HOW MUCH weight one piece of cardstock would hold. P1000872

Today we explored the strength of arches vs. the strength of squares. Once again, many of us were in for a surprise. Arches are MUCH stronger than squares!

We look forward to testing many more materials and designs over the upcoming months. Grade 3’s, what things are important to remember when we try to do a fair test? How did we make sure that our arch test was fair?


By Mrs. Wirtanen Posted in Science

4 comments on “Testing, testing, and more testing!

  1. It’s great to see the students prove things using an experiment… it lets you know the truth about the product. In this case the strongest paper was card stock.

    From Diane.

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