A Great First Week!

Grade 3 Rocks!

Our first week in grade 3 has flown by! We have been very busy learning new routines, making new friends, and doing a lot of different activities. I have been thrilled with the energy and enthusiasm our class has returned to school with.

This morning we spent some time reflecting on our week.

Makenna would you like you know that we have had some, “sparkly, shiny, fun, first days of Read to Self.”

“We learned how to handwrite the letters a and c.” added Leah.

Sloane says she really enjoyed making her Cool Cat.

Hayden learned, “how to do some patterns and remembered how to add!”

Quinn says that, “In Science, Mrs. Wirtanen tricked us and it wasn’t really that hilarious.” Jayden explained that the trick was “part of an experiment to show how to make a fair test in Science.”

Dylan reminded us that we spent some time “brainstorming different types of maps in Social Studies.”

We all agreed that it certainly HAS been a full week! Grade 3’s what was the best thing that happened FOR YOU this week? What are you looking forward to this year?


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