Summarizing…Less is More

Our class is enjoying a teacher-led novel study of the book “Frindle” by Andrew Clements. It is a fun story about the power of words. In this book, the main character, Nick Allen, is full of some very interesting ideas!


Yesterday we read a chapter called “The Big Idea.” Afterwards, students were asked to summarize what they had heard into one “Big Idea” of their own. We know that summarizing is a great way to deepen our understanding, as well as to remember important information. We quickly realized that narrowing down a chapter to a sentence or two can be very challenging! After some time to think, and some writing and erasing, each student was ready to share their own summary. As students shared, I typed their responses to make the following “Wordle”.


Grade 3’s, how can we use our Wordle to summarize the chapter we heard? Why do you think summarizing an important skill to have?


One comment on “Summarizing…Less is More

  1. How can we use our Wordle-we use it by puting every bodys summarizing sentence and type it in. Why do you think summarizing is a good skill- I think so because then you have a better whay of knowing what the main part is.

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