There was a lot of excitement in our classroom today as Kayla N. demonstrated how her volcano works. In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much, that we ended up performing the experiment twice!


Thanks for bringing in your experiment for us to see Kayla!

Grade 3’s, Can you describe what happened during Kayla’s demonstration? Do you remember what type of rocks come from volcanoes? Also, do you remember what lava is called before it reaches the earth’s surface?  Did you enjoy watching the eruption?

By Mrs. Wirtanen Posted in Science

2 comments on “Volcano!

  1. Dear Mrs.W What happend- when the volcano start it was really bubbly and it whent down like a streem. Also when Kayla was putting the stuff in I it started to bubble the next time. What rocks come from volcanos-I think it was igneos rocks. What is lava called before it reaches the earth- I think it was maga. Did I enjoy the eruption- yes i thought it was really really cool.

  2. All thoe I was not there I also enjoyed it mrs.W hope next year with me will be great.

    From Quinn from next year

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