Rock Show!

Today our class held a “Rock Show” as part of our Rocks and Minerals Science unit. We have many budding rock hunters in our class and everyone was very excited to share their collections. 

(Click on the images below to see an enlarged photo.)

As you can see, we had some very interesting and unique samples to show!

Grade 3’s, do you have a favorite rock of your own?

Where do you like to hunt for rocks? Who do you go rock hunting with?

Can you describe the most unusual rock that you saw today?

By Mrs. Wirtanen Posted in Science

7 comments on “Rock Show!

  1. My favorite rock-i have a rock that is smooth and blue also white. Where i like to hunt for rocks- i like to hunt for my rocks around Blackfalds. Who i go with- most of the time i go by myself. The most unusual rock i saw today-was from the first picture and it was the blue also gry one.

  2. These rocks are cool! I like the obsidian. The rock show was fun all the rocks were cool. I hope everybody had a great time at the rock show

    • I also get rocks camping. We go to the river and find alot of cool rocks. Some rocks have pink polka dots. I found a fossil of a lizard. When I got to camp I painted it. It looked really cool

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