Powerful Action Verbs

Last week we enjoyed the story “Mollie Whuppie and the Giant”. The version we read has been retold by Robin Muller.

We all agreed that it is a very exciting and engaging story! Part of what makes it so good, are the powerful verb choices the author has made.

For example, in the story, Mollie is a confident little girl, who creeps into the giant’s house, tiptoes up the stairs, and hides under the giant’s bed. She waits, while hardly daring to breathe until she hears the giant snoring above her. After snatching the giant’s gold, Mollie flies like the wind to the gorge.

After students had listened to the story, they were eager to add their own powerful verbs to some very BORING sentences.One of their favorite sentences to change was;

The teacher went into the class and said, “What is happening?”

Taylor made this MUCH more interesting by writing;

The teacher stomped into the classroom and yelled, “What is happening?”

Look at how Blaire changed the entire feeling of the sentence by writing;

The teacher leaped into the classroom and asked, “What’s happening?”

Fantastic writing today grade 3’s!  Now that you’ve had some practice, I would like to challenge you to write a more interesting version of the sentence below. I would love to read your versions, so please type your sentence in the comment section below this post.

The boy ate his pizza, then went to the hockey game.


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