Humming Hangers


We know that sound travels through gases because we can hear people when they speak. We know it travels through liquids, because we can hear sounds underwater when we are in the swimming pool. We also know it travels through solids, because we can hear the pencil sharpener from the computer lab through our classroom wall.

Today we did an experiment to see whether sound travels best through gases or solids. Grade 3’s, can you explain;

– How we did the experiment?
– What did you discover?
– What does this experiment prove?

By Mrs. Wirtanen Posted in Science

4 comments on “Humming Hangers

  1. We experimented-one of us had string around two fingers with a coat rake on the end of the string in front of us. And one time when we had it against our ears and the other person taped it with a spoon. We discoverd- that when it was around our fingers it felt like vibrateing and when it was against our ears you could here humming. It proved-that sound travels throw solids better.

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