Pajama Day!

Shhhhhhhhh….keep it down. We may be sleeping today in 3W. After all, it IS Pajama Day!

(click on the images to enlarge)

Grade 3’s, what was your favorite thing about Pajama Day today?  Can you describe your favorite pajamas or slippers for us?

We would also love to know from our blog followers, have you ever had a Pajama Day?  Tell us about it if you have.


3 comments on “Pajama Day!

  1. My favorite parts of Pajama Day were playing “Sleepyhead Tag” and seeing all of the pajamas that my grade 3’s designed themselves.

  2. My favorite part was in gym when we played Sleepyhead Tag. Also my favorite pajamas are green pants and shirt. My favorite slippers are gorilla ones.

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