Building Towers – Guest Blogs

We were a busy bunch of tower builders in Science today! I have asked some guest bloggers from our class to write about this project.

Today my class and I built some towers.  It was so much fun because we got so many materials to use.  All of our towers had to hold 50 grams, stand with a small fan set on high,  and be 70cm. We took 50 min to finish our towers.  Our materials were 5 pieces of paper, glue, an arm length of tape and markers.  Maddy and I worked on a tower  together.

By Eric

Today we built our towers. The rules were to make the tower at least more than 70 cm, and also the tower had to hold 50 g and not fall over when the teacher turned on the fan. For the materials, we were allowed to use 5 pieces of paper, a glue stick, scissors and tape. I tried cutting  holes in my tower so the wind would not make it fall over. My tower did not look like  it was supposed to. The hard part for me was getting it to stand up with the height.

By Santera

Today, we built towers. It was very fun and frustrating, because some people did not have enough tape, and paper. We tested the towers with weights and a fan. We were allowed to use tape, paper, glue, and scissors. Our towers had to be 70 cm or more. The rules were no taping it to the table when Mrs.Wirtanen turned the fan on, and no extra materials and no help. We were allowed a partner. My tower looked like a flopped over piece of paper.

By Blaire

Today we made some towers. We were allowed to use tape, paper glue. I built mine like a  triangle so it would cut through wind. There was a fan running on high. The only rule was you couldn’t tape it to the ground. It was really easy, all I had to do was fold tape and then I was done.

By Colby

Today we tested towers.  Our job was to build a tower that could not be blown down by a fan that is on high, and can hold a 50  gram weight. We had to use 5 pieces of paper and a good amount of tape, glue and scissors. Our class was not allowed to use the scrap paper from our desk.  My tower looked like a pop can and a fat tower.  I learned that you should usually use strong paper and small shapes. This is how I built mine, first I designed the paper then I glued all the paper together .  Another thing I
learned is that you should use a lid.  I think building my tower was easy and hard, because the creativity was easy, and  the height and the weight were hard.

By Hannah

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By Mrs. Wirtanen Posted in Science

3 comments on “Building Towers – Guest Blogs

  1. Hi 3W,

    After reading your blog posts, I had a good understanding of how you built your towers. You should be proud of yourselves for being persistent problem solvers! Great work! What will you build next?

    Mrs.S 🙂

  2. I have supplies everywhere I look. I have scissors,glue,tape and paper. I build my days away,I build and build. I love to build and I test with my fan and 100gm weight just to make it a challenge. I get about 1.5 hours to build at my house.

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