Building Toothpick Cubes

Our class has learned a great deal about designing a fair test during our  “Building With a Variety of Materials” and “Testing Materials and Designs” Science units. We know that a fair test in Science, means only ONE variable can be changed.

This week, our task was to test a variety of cube joiners.  Students used marshmallows, puffed wheat or plasticine to connect toothpicks for these structures. After the cubes were built, students performed strength tests on each to determine which was the strongest.

In the end, each group agreed that marshmallows were not only the easiest to build with, but they also were the strongest. Plasticine was quite easy to build with, but it was not very strong. Puffed wheat was quite challenging for almost all of our builders and it was a weak joiner.

Here are a few pictures of our project.

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By Mrs. Wirtanen Posted in Science

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