Our Terry Fox Run Rocks!


Like many other schools across Canada and around the world, we ran, jogged, and walked today as part of our annual Terry Fox Run.  It was a great morning of sunshine, smiles, and exercise!  Following the run, we had a few minutes to discuss our efforts and reflect upon this important cause.

Maddison would like you to know that we did this “to raise money for Cancer.”

Taylor thinks that it, “is important that we ran, to raise money, and to remember a good and generous man.”

Blaire added that it was “fun but kind of hard to run all the way.”

Kayla said that the run was “good for your body!”

Teigan wants you to know that she “was proud of everyone in the school for running!”

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As you can see, our class participated with great enthusiasm! We will continue to collect money for Terry Fox until October 4th. Our school’s goal is to raise $4000 dollars. If we reach this goal, student’s will have a chance to “Splat the Staff” with cream pies!

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