Our Mission Statement

Wow!  The first week of school is already behind us!  Our class is getting to know each other better and is already becoming a great team.

One of our tasks this week was to create a class mission statement that we will live by this year.  Before creating this, we were asked to think about 4 things;

School is important because ______________.

Our classroom should be ___________ everyday.

One of my personal goals for this year is ____________________.

I will make sure I meet that goal by ___________________.

After thinking about these questions on our own, we got back together to look for similarities between our answers. Many of us were surprised at how many ideas we had in common!

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Using these ideas as a starting point, we then worked together to form our mission statement.

Our Mission Statement

 3W believes that it is important to have a responsible, helpful, kind and fun class.

We will work hard to meet our goals.

We will remind others to be proactiveand we will work as a team!


Well done 3W. With a commitment like this, we are certain to have a great year filled with learning and laughter!


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