Meet the Mealworms

Today we were introduced to our new classroom pets. We are raising about 100 mealworms!

We know that mealworms are insects because they have six legs, and are invertebrates. Surprisingly, these mealworms are actually not “worms” at all, but are actually the larvae stage of a darkling beetle.  Mealworms are very easy to raise. They prefer to stay in the dark, so ours are living in a jar of oatmeal, that we will keep in our cupboard. About once a week, we will give them a tiny bit of apple that they will get their moisture from.

It is going to be very exciting to watch these little critters go through a complete metamorphosis in the upcoming month!

Can you think of any other animals that go through a complete metamorphosis?


One comment on “Meet the Mealworms

  1. I remember raising those worms. It was really fun (even though they kinda stunk). I remember they grow up and become a beetle. Good luck with the mealworms 3W!!

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