Five Senses Writing

As writers, we have been working very hard at making our stories come alive! We know that one way great writers do this, is by adding details to help the reader visualize with all “5 senses”.

Each member of 3W has chosen a MYSTERY setting. Can you guess where these writers might be?

Wolves howl in the moonlight. The grass is waving as the wind is whispering. Monkeys are screaming to each other. Foxes try to catch fish with their paws. The scent of the lake is like fish.

by Jade

The butter melted on the bread.  The sweet smell of the pastries floated in the air. The taste of the French baguette was so good. The French baguette’s bread was hot and fresh. The classic “bread and pizza maker” fire crackled.

by Davis

There was no one talking.  There was only the sound of people reading and walking. Old books and paper were everywhere. Some people were reading. Others were turning pages in books.

by Cody

A bird is squawking. Sticks go down your back. Soft, cuddly feathers are so warm. A dirty worm slides down your throat for lunch. Dirt and mud are on your feet.

by Caydince


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