Snow Days!

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We knew it was only a matter of time. After a pretty mild winter,Central Alberta was finally hit with a large dump of snow this week!  Some areas received nearly 40 cm of snow in one day. Highways and roads were a mess, leading to school being closed for the past two days.

I am sure the members of 3W have been keeping themselves busy with a number of activities on these unexpected days off. Perhaps some of you spent some time reading or watching a movie?  I hope you have all had the chance to go outside and play in all that wonderful, sticky snow! Please comment below, letting us know how you have spent your time.  Fortunately, the forecast is for clear skies and warm temperatures for the next few days, so I look forward to seeing you all back in class very soon!

Also, I’m sure our class would love to hear from some of our blog followers from outside the Central Alberta region.  Where do you live? Do you have any snow? How warm was it today? Do schools in your area ever close for weather related reasons? We would love to read what the weather is like where you are!


9 comments on “Snow Days!

  1. Well Mrs. Wirtanen’s class,
    I am currently in Fallbrook, California-just outside of San Diego-there is no snow, the sky is blue and sun is shining-it is chilly for Socal standards…maybe 15 or so. Schools never close for snow days…kind of unfortunate…however an earthquake might close a school….hope you enjoy the snow!

  2. Mrs. Wirtanen and class I am currently near a city called Fier in the country of Albania. I am unseasonably cool and rainy at plus 14 today. I have snow capped mountains on one side of me while the Adriatic Sea is on the other. I am told there are not enough schools in my area so grades 1 to 6 go in the morning while the older grades go in the afternoon.

  3. On the snow day I built a snowman with my sister and her friends. Me and Evariste had a snowball fight! I also played with Payden.

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