100th Day of School!

Wow, it’s hard to believe we have already had 100 days of Grade 3! Today we dressed up for the occasion by wearing things that represented 100. There were many great costumes and ideas, ranging from 100 pennies, eyes, or paper clips, to a couple of 100 year-old grade three students! Check out Dawson’s 100 hockey card outfit.

Next. we participated in some Math activities such as estimating, then writing our name as many times as possible in 100 seconds. We also estimated, then flipped a coin 100 times to see if our probability predictions were correct.

Later, we had some fun drawing what we might look like when we are 100.


In the afternoon, we learned about life 100 years ago in the year 1912. Did you know that was the year the Titanic sank, and that the average salary was $750 dollars a year?  Life has changed tremendously since then.  As a class, we agreed that the next century will be full of even more changes!

Jade predicted that in the year 2112, “People will be driving flying cars, wearing glowing clothes and have pet robots. People will live in flying houses, with beds with that have automatic bed makers.  People will have also have video games that you play in your head. There will be better medicine, and all diseases will be cured.”

How do you think the world will change in the next 100 years? Please feel free to comment below with your ideas! 



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