Measuring Up in Math

As we near the end of our Measurement unit in Math, we have a lot to celebrate! 

We now understand the relationship between centimetres and metres, and are able to use these units to estimate, measure, and compare length, width, and height.

We also know that perimeter is the distance around a 2-D shape. Students have used problem solving skills to identify how changing a shape, changes its perimeter. In addition, students have demonstrated excellent reasoning skills, demonstrating that shapes that look different, can still have the same perimeter. Click on the pictures below to see many different rectangles that ALL have a perimeter of 24 cm!

Not only is measuring a lot of fun, but it is a very valuable skill! Can you think of “real life” examples where knowing centimetres, metres, or perimeter might be useful? Do your parents ever use measurement at home or at work? Have you ever used centimetres or metres in your favorite sports or hobbies? Have you ever used perimeter on a building project at home? We would love to read your comments about measurement in your life!



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