A Special Visitor

This morning we welcomed a very special visitor to our classroom!

Mrs. Laszuk, a grade one teacher at our school, spent a number of years living and teaching in the middle-east. Today she joined us to share many of her special keepsakes from her time abroad. We learned about everything from coffee pots to camel blankets. Our class was certainly amazed at the beauty and detail in Mrs. Laszuk’s artifacts. Many of them are even hand-made!  We also noticed that there is definitely a connection between the resources people have, and the goods they produce and use. Where we live, impacts how we live!

Check out the slideshow below for a few highlights.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mrs. Laszuk, thank you so much for sharing your experiences with our grade 3 classes and our blog followers! 

If you have you have any questions or comments for Mrs. Laszuk, please feel free to comment below. You can also check out Mrs. Laszuk’s grade one blog at mrslaszuk.wordpress.com where the world is truly becoming a smaller place!


11 comments on “A Special Visitor

  1. Hi Grade 3,
    I hope you enjoyed our time together today, I know I did. I am looking forward to reading your comments and questions on your blog. Be sure to go home, log on and post a comment. It’s a great way for us to share our thoughts without all of us being in the same room. Love, Mrs. Laszuk

  2. Hi Mrs. Laszuk! Thanks for bringing in all your cool stuff. It’s better to see the stuff that you brought in, in real life, than looking at it in books.

  3. My favorite dress is the orange one because I love the bling on it. It also has good memories because it was given to me as a gift of appreciation from a student. It looks like a truly traditional dress.

    Thanks Tanner. I really enjoyed coming in and sharing my memories. I remember our time in grade one together and it makes me smile. You have all grown so much–taller and smarter!

    The weather varies from winter to summer just like in Canada, but their winter temperature is similar to our summer temperatures (about 20 degrees). Remember how I explained how hot summer is? The temperature can rise as high as 50 degrees. As you know, we sometimes have to stay in for recess because it is too cold to go outside, in Saudi Arabia sometimes the children could not go outside for recess because it was too hot!

  4. My favorite artifacts are the carpets. I am amazed that the ladies sometimes spend years weaving them. I think the carpets are works of art. When we lived overseas many of our western friends had carpets hanging on the walls because they are so beautiful. The patterns on the carpets are supposed to be perfectly symmetrical. We would spend time trying to find out where the weavers made mistakes. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle. If you can find the mistake, you can be sure the carpet was made by hand and not a machine.

    They do not have bathrooms like we do. They simple find a private spot, dig a hole, do their business and then bury it. It is a very practical solution and the realities of living in the desert.

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