Bedouin Life

Today I would like to let some guest bloggers from our class tell you about a special video conference we participated in. During our conference we learned about “Bedouin Life.” Bedouin people are nomadic or semi-nomadic Arabians who live in Asia. Their way of life is VERY different from ours!

Today we had a person from Israel tell us about the Bedouin desert people. The desert people paint their sheep so they don’t get mixed up with the other sheep. They ride camels because there are no cars or gas, and did you know camels can survive 2 weeks without drinking water? People in the desert make mud ovens. Some people in the desert can see a footprint so well they can see when someone made it, what made it and how long ago someone made it. They have special clothing so they don’t get burnt by the sun. The people in the desert have school in a tent, and they also they eat with their hands.

By Brandi

Today we saw a video conference about Bedouin people. They live in a tent, it is not big. Bedouin people ride camels. Bedouin people eat with their hands. Bedouin people trade stuff.  They also paint their sheep so they know which ones are theirs.  Bedouin people make their clothing. Bedouin people make ovens out of mud because they have no ovens. Bedouin people give guests 3 cups of coffee. They make tea and coffee. Bedouin desert trackers help the army sometimes.

By Tanner

Tents in the desert are made out of goat hair in the winter. Tents in the summer have a hole on one of the side of the tent. Bedouin people wear long materials so they don’t get a sunburn. If you ran past a Bedouin tent they would greet you with 3 cups of coffee. The first cup means you are a guest. The second cup means fun. The third cup means sword. The Bedouins paint sheep so they don’t take other people’s sheep. They use camels because they can last without water for 2 weeks. The Bedouins eat goat cheese. They go to school in a tent.

By Dawson

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6 comments on “Bedouin Life

  1. Hi Grade Three,
    Did you know I have some artifacts from Bedouins because I lived in Saudi Arabia? If you are interested, I could bring some things in for you to see.

    Mrs. Laszuk

  2. Hi Mrs. Park

    We loved having the videoconference! We liked learning about the Bedouin people and how they move around. We got to actually see other people and how they do stuff.

  3. Hi Grade 3!

    Wow! It sounds like you learned a lot from the video conference. You also posted some very interesting facts that I did not know. Thanks for helping me learn!

    Have fun learning more about people around the world!
    Love, Mrs. Schlemko

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