Our Christmas Traditions

We have been learning about traditions around the world as a part of our look at culture in Social Studies. With the holiday season upon us, it seemed like a perfect time to examine some of our own traditions as well! Students were very eager to share details about how they celebrate Christmas. Enjoy!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. My family has a nice green tall tree. My favorite part is opening presents. We also have a Chinese gift exchange. We listen to Christmas music. My family comes to Christmas.  It is so fun to get new stuff and hand out presents. Supper is so good. Sometimes we stay up late. I can’t wait to Christmas.

By Jade

We play soccer. I always win. My favorite part is soccer. We open presents. We have a greenish, yellowish tree. We have a blast!  My mom passes the presents. I play outside.

By Chase

On Christmas I wrap up presents with my dad in his room.  I open one present on the 24.  On Christmas I get a lot of presents. We have bright lights on Christmas. Me and my dad do most of the wrapping. We wake up at 4:00 in the morning. We buy Santa very good cookies and milk. I go to my cousins and get presents too then we go back to my house.  

By Robert

My favorite part is opening presents. Every year my aunt and uncle come. This year we set up our tree. I hand out presents. We sometimes set up our lights. Sometimes we play Monopoly. When my aunt and uncle come,  we visit. After visiting we open presents.

By Tanner

On Christmas I wear a Santa hat. When I go to my grandmas,  my grandma hands out the presents.  My mom passes out the crackers. I have a sparkly purple tree. I hand out reindeer food for the reindeer,  the food is sparkly. On Christmas I watch Prep and Landing Naughty vs. Nice. I hand out Christmas cookies for Santa Claus.  On Christmas I make mittens and snowman cookies. I have candy canes that are red and white.

By Madyson 

Every year we do a Swedish Tradition. We give Santa rice pudding and cookies. We also set up a decorated tree with colorful lights and beautiful ornaments.  Me and my sister always bring one present. We hang up our homemade stockings. I wake up very early and get my mom and sister. We take turns opening presents. Mom drives us to our cousin’s place. Merry Christmas!

By Ava

At Christmas we have a colorful fake tree. At supper we have a good turkey. We give Santa really good sugary cookies and chocolate milk. I wish I was Santa because he has a lot of toys and cookies. We watch Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. We put stockings out for Christmas. We write letters to Santa.

By Boyd

We put up a big, bushy fake tree. We also put up fancy bright lights on our tree and outside of our house. We decorate our house and we put up stuff on our tree. We can open 1 present on Christmas Eve. We put up a star on our tree. We get a free Christmas catalogs from the pharmacy. We have a fancy dinner.

By Brandi 

We eat delicious perogies. We also eat ham. We put up some sparkly lights. We have a huge tree. I wake up super early at 6:00 in the morning. We can only open the smallest present on December 24#.We have a family dinner. We switch houses every year. We don’t have a real tree. We also stay up until 10:00. We also celebrate my awesome birthday. It’s a super cool birthday.

By Dawson

On Christmas we set up a real, green tree. My favorite thing on Christmas is spending time with my family. On Christmas we open presents. On Christmas before we can open presents we have to wait until everyone is awake. On Christmas we can open our stockings whenever we want even when my mom and dad are sleeping. My brother and I usually try to wake my mom and dad. The day before Christmas my brother and I usually get to open 1 present but we are not allowed to open the one my grandma sends us. On Christmas we get up at 5 or something. We usually go to my aunty and uncle’s for a Christmas dinner.

By Ericka

I always have to go to a lot of places on Christmas.  We always have a cool tree. I always see my cousins. We have a big feast. We also go hunting. We have fresh mouth-watering Ukrainian food.  Me and my cousins go outside we have snowball fights and we go sledding. We stay up past 1 in the morning. We all have a blast. We speak Ukrainian at Christmas.

By Cody

At Christmas we go down a huge cool steep hill with my cousin. We open one cool present on the 24th. Me and my cool brother get up at 3:40. We have an awesome, giant feast with my family. We have hot Hot chocolate, me and brother. We have my baba over for a month. We put up our green, fluffy tree in December.  We have my cousin over. It is fun. We have so much fun at Christmas time.

By Caydince

I usually go to my uncles. There’s a lot of fun and excitement. I usually have turkey. My mom buys cookies every Christmas. I always put up a Christmas tree. In the morning there are presents under the tree.  I ALWAYS put up stockings.

By Davis

At Christmas we open sparkly presents. We also have a big feast.  Our Christmas tree is filled with old ornaments. Our family hands out the nice gifts. My dad is the cook for Christmas dinner. After we open our gifts we put on our new clothes. When my dad makes the dinner we play with our fun new toys. My favorite thing about Christmas is opening lovely new gifts.

By Kyra

We have a bushy, green tree. I eat delicious turkey. My grandparents come down for Christmas. We get lots of presents. Santa eats all of the cookies, no fair! I want to see Santa’s flying reindeer. We watch cool Christmas movies. I play outside with the fluffy, white snow. I have a really bright red Christmas stocking. On Christmas Eve, I write Santa a note.

By Branden

I love Christmas! I hand out the presents. Soon as it is dinner we go to my grandma’s house. We put up our pretty tree. We put up lights. My dad does not let us get up tell 8:30am. We open presents. We stay up late. 

By Joel

On Christmas Eve I have a Chinese Christmas. We do all this fun stuff like drop 25 cents in the bucket. We have huge Christmas turkey or ham with my family. We do hula hooping and see who can do it the longest. The longest time was 1 hour 30 minutes 25 seconds. That was my time without stopping. On Christmas, me and my brother always get one humongous present. My mom and  dad always get me and my brother pajamas. We have sparkling, shining white and colored lights. We always have a wreath on our door.

By Taylor

On Christmas my family opens 1 present before Christmas. My brother and I make a big list of what we want. When me and my brother write what we want, we make cool pictures too. When my cool aunt comes over she opens a present first. Sometimes at Christmas we go to my aunt’s house. In my family the youngest goes first.

By Foxx

On Christmas we have a big dinner. My dad puts up the lights. My grandma and mom wrap presents. I bake with my grandma. We do our stockings first, presents next. For dinner we have ham stuffing. We set up our tree and decorate the house.

By Evariste

I have a lovely Christmas tree with beautiful lights. Christmas is my favorite time of year because I get presents! I sometimes get books. This year I wish for a super tool. I need a tool. Sometimes I get what I want too. I love Christmas. I get up early and open up all my presents.

By Myles

On Christmas we put our so awesome tree up.  I want to see Santa’s flying reindeer.  We read The Night Before Christmas.  We have a delicious turkey supper.  We open the stockings on Christmas morning.  We open the stockings on Christmas morning. We open pretty presents that I love. I also really love to be with my family. I so love my favorite friend Santa.

By Morgan

In my family, we open one gift in our stocking. On Christmas Eve our family comes over every time each year and we open 2 gifts together. We say “1. 2. 3. Open!” We have a big, bushy tree. We have a lot of decorations like our reindeer. They have sparkling bright lights. We eat a big feast. We have the same things each year, cranberry and big chicken. I make a big picture with my mom.

By Amelia

At Christmas we have a feast with corn, ham, mashed potatoes, and strawberry pie. It is so yummy. Also, every year we make Santa cookies and milk. I also make cards for my family, it is so much fun. We set up a green, bushy, giant tree. I also set up my lights, they are so pretty. I also get to open one gift the day before Christmas night. I also get a lot of gifts for my brother and mom. Also, I go sledding with my family.

by Paige

On Christmas day, I go skating, then I go sledding. In the cold morning of Christmas, I open all of my presents. I go to the U.S.A for Christmas. Me and my sister always give Tyler a Barbie part. My parents’ favorite part is cleaning the paper. Tyler’s favorite part is the colorful presents. My sister’s favorite is visiting. My favorite is the stocking.

by Kalli


One comment on “Our Christmas Traditions

  1. Mr. W’s Christmas Tradition: Since my parents were Dutch we celebrated the gift giving part of Christmas on Dec. 5th. St. Nick (Sinterklaas) would come along with his helper Black Piet. St. Nick would ride a big white horse. We would leave our shoes outside the door along with hay and a carrot for St. Nick’s horse. Black Piet kept a list of all the good things and bad thing boys and girls did. It was said that if you were not good he would leave a lump of coal in your shoes, but this never happened to us. If you were really good he would leave sweets called peppernoten (like small little cookies). We loved these!
    Have a look at the following YouTube video clip for a bit of the story.

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