Tower Time

We are nearing the end of our Testing Materials and Building Design unit. This week, students were presented with a very challenging task. Their job was to build a tower that;

– was free standing

– was at least 70 cm tall

– could support a 50 g mass

– could withstand wind from a fan turned on high speed.

To build these towers, students were provided with 8 sheets of paper, 70 cm of tape, and 40 minutes of work time.

After the towers were complete, most agreed that they might do some things differently if they were given the chance to build a tower again.

Taylor says the most challenging part was “agreeing on a plan with my partner.”

Kalli said “making it 70 cm tall was hard.”

Susie said that, “putting the tape on was the hardest.”

Chase suggests that anyone trying this for the first time “should try to get more weight on the bottom.”

Paige suggests that future builders, “use your tape wisely.”

Robert suggests trying to, “build a fat base that goes skinnier.”

Check out our slideshow below. Grade 3’s, are there any other suggestions or comments you would like to make about your building? We would love to see your comments below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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