Digital Citizenship Habit #5 – Seek First to Understand

The internet is an amazing resource, with countless sites full of great information!  Unfortunately, there are also many sites that may have misleading, outdated, or untrue information on them. Weeding through the great sites and the not-so-great sites can be a tricky thing to do.

This week our focus is upon learning to evaluate online websites for both their ease of use, and the quality of their content.  Students are learning to “seek first to understand” when they go online. Here are some important guidelines for both students and adults to remember;

o I can listen to and understand more than one point of view.
o I can evaluate information I get from the web to know if it is valid. I know that not everything I read, hear or see online is true.
o I can make smart decisions about what I watch, play and send, and I will ask my parents if I am not sure what is appropriate.

Click HERE for a link to the video listed in Habit #5. Have fun watching Nermal and Garfield!




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