Gearing Up for Halloween

We had a great week! 

– We focused on questioning as a reading comprehension strategy and are become bat experts!  We also completed a bat webquest in the computer lab. Click on What Good Are Bats? if you would like to check out the website we used. Students did a great job using headings, pictures, diagrams and labels to help them locate the answers they were seeking!

– In Math, we practiced skip counting and we worked on counting change. We are learning what each coin is called, what it looks like, and how much it is worth. We will continue to practice counting money, however any extra practice students can get at home is always beneficial!

– We completed our cubes in Science and tested the different benefits of different joiners.

– We explored the countries of Tunisia and Ukraine in Social Studies. Students are doing a great job of identifying similarities and difference between their own lives and those we are learning about in our textbook. Students are becoming increasingly independent with their abilities to take jot notes and identify important information!

– We played many games in Phys. Ed and we continued to practice our volleyball skills. Today we practiced serving.

– We carved our pumpkins! Students described, estimated, measured and skip-counted as they completed this fun activity. Thank you to all of our volunteers and to everyone who donated pumpkins!

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