Getting Batty With Questions

We have begun to focus on “Questioning” as a reading comprehension strategy.  Good readers ask questions to clarify what they are reading and to deepen their understanding.  

With Halloween fast approaching,  students were asked to brainstorm a list of their schema about bats this week.   Afterward, we tried to come up with a list of things that students were still wondering about these interesting animals. Our list was of questions was okay, but it was also quite short. 

Next, we read a non-fiction book about bats together. As they were listening, students were encouraged to jot down any questions they had on their “Bat Wheel”. Something amazing happened! We realized that the more we learned, the more we wondered. Students were very engaged as they listened and they were able come up with a LOT of questions, some of them even filling in two pages. Some questions were answered as we continued to read, others are going to take more research. Some of our questions might not even have answers, however that is okay. The important thing is that through questioning, we were able to focus on and recall a great deal of information about our topic. You can see some pictures of our bat wheels below.

In the upcoming weeks, we will continue to focus on this strategy, especially “thick” and “thin” questions.  Grade 3’s, please feel free comment on this post if you think you already know what a “thick” or “thin” question is!  Do you have a “thick” or “thin” question about bats that you are still wondering about?


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