Friday already???

As we started our morning routine today, it was interesting to hear Davis say that he could not believe it is already Friday. I couldn’t agree more. Even though it was a short week because of the Thanksgiving holiday, this week seems especially short, perhaps because it has been so action packed. I have asked the students what their highlights of the past week were and here are some of their responses;

Caydince says, “In art, we made pumpkins!”
Dawson says, “We worked on our adding and subtraction review sheets.”
Madyson says, “Today, we went through our portfolios.”
Taylor says, “We had picture day!”
Kyra says, “In Language, we did some review spelling.”
Boyd says, “We drew pictures of what was happening in Pippi Longstocking.”
Joel says, “Today we played a fun new dodgeball game.”
Ava says, “In Social, we are learning about Maria and her needs and wants.”
Ericka says, “Today, we are going to have our first extreme assembly of the year.”
Paige says, “We played Uncle Sam in gym.”
Foxx says, “We went to a fire safety presentation.”
Amelia says, “We have been practicing regrouping in Math.”
Branden says, “We are still working on building stamina in gym class and reading.”

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