See you later September…

Wow!  The end of September is already upon us. This week;

– We continued to work on schema in Language. We know what “meaningful” schema is and how it helps us to make connections to the things we read.

– We used the computers to write paragraphs about our favorite colors.  We are doing a great job of using Microsoft word and are becoming very skilled with editing our work.

– We worked on different ways to represent numbers. We learned about place value to 1000 in Math.

– We tested pillars with different shapes in Science. We can tell you which shape was the strongest, so please ask us!

– We used our mapping skills to create classroom maps in Social Studies.






– We enjoyed a visit from Robert’s iguana.




– We were GREAT participants in our Terry Fox Run.  Many of the students in our class ran with the running club as well!

 –  We also buddied up with the morning and afternoon kindergarten classes to help them with  their Terry Fox runs.




October is sure to be a very exciting month!  Grade three’s, feel free to comment, telling us what are most  looking forward to in October.


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