A Great Third Week in Third Grade!

It’s been another great week. Some of the highlights were…

– We started to use Microsoft Office Word. We practiced saving, and typing. We are learning to change fonts, sizes and styles of type. We are also learning how to fix our mistakes using spell-check.

– We worked on the letter A in handwriting.

– We enjoyed reading to others and filling in story maps. We learned about characters, setting, problems and solutions.

– We started to work on our subtraction basic facts in Math.

– We practiced number lines with different scales, and continued to practice our patterning.

– We made colorful trees with tissue paper leaves in Art.

– We learned about the continents in Social Studies. We also learned about legends and scales on maps.

– We tested different paper beams for strength in Science.

– We played some games and went for a long run in gym. We also focused on fair play.

– We played a game of SpecTAGular with the entire school.

– We practiced our emergency plans for fire drills and lock downs.

– Some of us joined the grade 3-4 choir.

– We enjoyed the beautiful weather!


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