Building Stamina

There has been a lot of talk about stamina in our class lately. We are working on building stamina when we read, write, and work independently. We have also been working on building stamina during gym class and in running club.

To help us build stamina, we try to make sure we are prepared for whatever the task is. In running, this might mean making sure our shoes are properly tied before we begin, and making sure we are comfortably dressed for the weather. In reading, it might mean finding a comfortable, quiet spot and a “good fit” book. Next, we try to read or run just a little longer each day. We have also discussed the need to “fuel” each activity appropriately. Both cars and children do not run properly unless there is quality “fuel” in their tanks. Finally, it is important to set goals for the next time. Be sure to challenge yourself!

Can you think of other activities where stamina is important? Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas!


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