Getting down to business

It’s been a very productive week in our room!  We have settled in and most of our routines are becoming truly “routine”. 

 A few highlights from this week

– We know what “Digital Citizenship” means. Our focus for now, is on being proactive online.

– We have started to learn cursive handwriting! 

– Our imaginations were put to the test when our classmates created a character for each of us to describe.

– We have started to practice our basic facts, focusing on addition.

– We are already getting really good with patterns, even decreasing patterns like; 62, ______ 58, 56, 54, ______

– We know what a compass rose is, and how to use one.

– Arches and squares were pitted against each other in a battle of strength.

– In Art, we have started line drawings.  We will post them once we are finished.

– We love gym and have learned lots of new games.

– We had FUN!


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