Have a great summer!

Wow, Grade 3’s, what an amazing year we have had! I will always remember this class as one that was full of fun, laughter and learning.  Thank you for being such a GREAT group!  

Please enjoy your slideshow below!

I hope you have a great summer and I wish you all the best in Grade 4! 


A Trip to the Ellis Bird Farm

Today we enjoyed a fantastic field trip to the Ellis Bird Farm! While we were there we learned about beavers, owls, butterflies, goats, bats, pond life, and of course…birds!  We also played some games and even built our own nestboxes to take home.

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To learn more about the Ellis Bird Farm, CLICK HERE.

Grade 3’s, what was your favorite part of the day?  What interesting things did you learn?  Did you touch or see anything cool?  Did you enjoy making your nestbox? Where do you plan to hang it?


Haiku is a form of traditional Japanese poetry. Haiku are  simple, three line poems that are usually about nature. They always follows a 5-7-5 syllable pattern.

Here are a few haiku that were written by poets in our class.  

Birds flying in air

Flap flap flap flap flap flap flap

Laying eggs in nests

by Mason

I live in water

I eat prey in the water

I have slimy scales

by Hayden

Jumping happily,

Swimming in some cool water,

Green, spotted, croaking

by Jamie

A caterpillar

munching on a milkweed leaf

almost been eaten

by Owen

 Grade 3’s, can you add a Haiku of your own about summer? We would love to read yours in comment section!

Twin Day!

How confusing! Our class seems to have been taken over by twins, triplets, quadruplets and even some septuplets today.

Here are a few pictures of the fun! 

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A Visit from the Medicine River Wildlife Centre

We had some extra special guests to our classroom today! Erin Young, and Otis the Great Horned Owl visited us from the Medicine River Wildlife Centre.

During their visit, we learned all about the Centre, and the work it does for wildlife rehabilitation.  We saw photos of a variety of animals who have been helped by their organization. We also learned about what to do, and what NOT to do if we encounter an injured or orphaned wild animal. 

Perhaps the most important thing for students to take away from Erin and Otis’ visit, is their powerful message about respecting our environment and the animals in it.

Thank you so much to all the families who sent in a donation for the Wildlife Centre. We were able to present Erin with $207.00 today!

Grade 3’s, Otis was definitely a big hit! What did you LEARN today  from Erin and Otis?

If you are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE for more information about the Centre.


All About Me – an Introduction to Poetry

We are very excited to be starting a new unit on poetry! Today we began by trying to decide what the word “poetry” means. This is a hard thing to determine. Some poems rhyme, some don’t. Some poems have rules to follow, some don’t. In the end, we decided that poetry can be all sorts of things. It is a way for writers (poets) to paint a picture in our minds using words.

Next we enjoyed some funny poetry that was written by Bruce Lansky. For a taste of more funny poems check out this site.

Giggle Poetry

Finally, students got the chance to have some serious fun with words! Their task was to use words that they found in old newspapers to describe themselves.

Check out their work below. 

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We Are Connected!

This week we started to explore the idea of a global economy as part of our Social Studies curriculum. We know the difference between goods and services. We also know what resources, technology, and imports and exports are. 

To explore this further, students were asked to look for goods at home that originated in other countries. Many students were surprised how easy this task was! Once our list of “imports” was complete, we used our Chromebooks, and Google maps to plot where our objects had come from.

Here is an example from Jamie. Her map is very similar to most of the other maps that were created in our class. (Please use the scroll bars to explore it.)

Grade 3’s did you notice anything about where your objects came from? Were most of your objects from the western or eastern hemisphere? Did you find that you had some countries more than others on your list? What can we learn from this?

Music Monday


Today we celebrated “Music Monday” at our school. We were treated to performances by the IREC choir, the IRJC choir and the IRJC band. Thank you to Mrs. Holoboff for organizing and leading this special afternoon! 

Grade 3’s, what are some of your favorite types of music? Do you have a favorite singer, band or song? Please leave a comment and remember proper commenting guidelines. (Capital letters, complete sentences and punctuation)


Make Them Even!



This morning we played a game called “Make Them Even” as an introduction to our unit on division.

Grade 3′ s, what was the highest score you earned in one round? What did you roll to get that score?

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Together is Better

One of our favorite things to do with our Chromebooks is to collaborate. “Collaborating”  means working together to help each other learn and create.


These students are working together to research the environment of India. They are creating a table together to record their information.

Grade 3’s, why do you like to collaborate with your classmates? What are some of the other ways  that you like to use your Chromebook to work together?